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The Five Basic Steps!

1. Locate a potential business client that you feel could benefit from a website and determine who makes website decisions.
2. Present the solution bundled with your services.
3. Invoice the client for one half of your billable services.
4. Perform the services specified in step 3.
5. Present the finished product to the client & collect the balance due.

Step One:
Locate a business that either does not have a website, or they are unhappy with the one they have. Often times the client that has a website, but is unhappy, is the easier sell. Why? Because they have already decided that their company or organization needs a website. At this point, all you need to do is show them how they can be more proactive and save money with

Once you have located a prospective client, find out who is authorized to make company decisions and who will be approving the website. You should direct your conversations to this person, after all, why would you spend your time selling a product or service to someone that wasn't authorized to buy it? In many cases, you will want to have both the decision maker, as well as the person who will be maintaining the site, present during your discussions. This could save you from having to repeat information to multiple people.

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How to sell it... | Step Two | Step Three | Step Four | Step Five