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Copy Cat

Many of you have asked the question... "What's the best way to learn how to use this system?" Well, honestly, the best way to learn is to simply do it. Most of you are going through the learning curve while building out a client's site. However, for those of you that are looking for a little practical experience before turning loose the sales staff, I have created the following exercises. I call this process "Copy Cat"... and it's a great way to learn. All the material you need to re-create the next four sub-pages can be found in the ZIP file below. The idea is to download the text and images and try to re-create the following four pages exactly as they appear here. If you can do this without cutting and pasting the from this website... well then you can handle just about anything.

If this proves to be helpful, I'll add more pages for you all to practice with. The exercises here get progressively harder, so you can count on number four being very frustrating. Remember... its a learning process so be patient and ask questions when you need to.          - Mike


Click on the icon to the left to download your ZIP File.


Hint: Exercise 4 will require you to look at the HTML code and make a small modification. Click Here for another hint and reference material.

Sample Exercises | Exercise 1 | Exercise 2 | Exercise 3 | Exercise 4