PageBuilder Website Services:

WebProcessing - If you can type a letter, you can build a website too!
Business Card Up to 2 pages and 1 email address  $9.95 /month
Basic Up to 5 pages and 3 email addresses $19.95 /month

Up to 12 pages and 10 email addresses

$24.95 /month

Up to 60 pages and 10 email addresses

$34.95 /month
There are no long term contracts or set-up fees and billing is monthly.
You may cancel at any time without penalty. 

All website packages include:
Your Domain Name & Renewals
POP3 & Web-Based E-mail Accounts
The WebProcessingTM Editing Tools
Hosting & Website Statistics
And Much, Much More...

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Additional Pricing Information:

Additional domains are also available.
Most new domain registrations and transfers are only $8.95. The annual renewals of one domain is included in each plan and additional domains purchased can be pointed to your site and annually renewed for just $1 per month. If you decide to cancel your service, you retain ownership of all newly registered and transferred domains.

Shopping Cart:  $25.00 per month & 10� for each item over 200. Merchant Fee and Gateway Fee not included.
The Shopping Cart module is a fully functional e-commerce solution that allows you to sell goods online. You can easily manage your items and take orders online in minutes.  View Shopping Cart

Brochure Module:  $25.00 per month & 10� for each item over 200.
The Brochure Module is simply a Shopping Cart without the e-commerce function. This is great to use for displaying your products online.  View Brochure Module

Menu Module:  $5.00 per month & 10� for each item over 50.
The Menu Module is an easy way to display a restaurant's entrees, specials, wine list, etc. This is used to create a very functional and clean online menu display.  View Menu Module

Realty Module:  $3.00 per listing / per month
The Realty Module is a simple tool for uploading, managing and displaying property listings on your web site.  It includes great image viewing scroll bar for multiple images of your listing, a mortgage calculator, a contact form and all the important property information fields.  There is no better way to display your listings online than with the Realty Module.  View Realty Module

Forum Module:  $5.00 per month and $0.02 per post over 200
The Forum Module is a message post system.  This is a great communication tool that will bring repeat visitors to your site.  View Forum Module

Calendar Module:   $10.00 per month
The Calendar Module is an excellent way to let your customers know about important events.  You can easily add and edit content in the calendar module instantly.  View Calendar Module